England fan shaves ‘It’s coming home’ into his back hair ahead of Euro 2020 final

The pubs are already packed, the beers are in the fridge and – if you’re not too superstitious – the champagne will be on ice as England prepare to step out at Wembley for the Euro 2020 final.

One football fan who was desperate to show his support for Gareth Southgate’s side but couldn’t get his hands on an England shirt has found a pretty unique alternative instead – by using his body hair.

Scaffolder Alfie Callagher-Roberts had no luck scouring the shelves so adjusted his shopping list and picked up a pair of clippers instead to shave the St George’s Cross into his chest hair.

Not done yet, the 23-year-old then roped in a pal to get to work on his back, carefully carving out ‘It’s coming home’ from the hugely popular anthem Three Lions, which is currently being belted out at pubs up and down the country.

Alfie, a West Ham fan from East London, said: “I’ve always been told I’ve got more hair on my chest and back than an ape – so put it to good use.

“I went round all the shops after work but couldn’t get one so I bought a pair of clippers instead.

“I did the front and shaved the flag into my hair then got a razor to smooth it out.

“I got my mate to do my back – he thought it was hilarious.”

Alfie, who will be watching the match topless to allow others to marvel at his DIY England shirt, is confidently predicting a 3-1 victory for England over Italy.

He added: “I’ll have a flag around my neck and my chest out. I love it – I think it’s hilarious.

“I’m hoping it will grow back in time for the start of the season so I can get the Irons logo shaved in for the first West Ham game.”